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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Radiology Viewers For Multi-Physician Medical Facilities

If you work at a medical clinic that is home to several doctors, you are likely looking for a cost-effective way to share radiology medical imaging equipment so that it functions well for each physician, regardless of his or her specialization area, and thus provides excellent patient care for every patient. Several medical offices have found that having web-based radiology viewers in place gives them the equipment flexibility they need in a multi-physician medical facility without busting their budget.
The web-based viewer works in conjunction with a PACS system. This is a software and hardware appliance that is used with personal computers to turn them into clinical workstations suitable for use in a variety of medical facilities, hospitals and imaging centers.
The PACS systems also offers the additional benefit of allowing physicians to use the clinical workstations to not only view medical digital images, but also to distribute images via the Internet and to archive the images. This appliance will help your facility maintain compliance with HIPPA rules concerning disaster recovery and patient privacy, a definite benefit to the busy medical facility because many of these routine tasks can be automated through the workstation..
The radiology viewing aspect of the web-based PACS serves several different purposes useful to the multi-doctor medical facility. Physicians will be able to use the same PACS viewer to view digital medical images taken from multiple modalities, which include ultrasound, CR and DR images, CT and MRI scans.
Flexibility of the system comes into play in how physicians can view digital images, because doctors can use local- area networks and/or wide-area networks, or physicians can work completely offsite and use secure virtual private networks. Because the viewer is Internet based, physicians can access the system anytime and anywhere to provide superior patient care within a convenient system. This type of viewer also helps to enable consultations with physicians regardless of their location, and thus improves patient care in another way.
Medical facility administrators will appreciate the cost savings that come from using a web-based viewer. Instead of a costly software installation needed on every workstation that is connected to your local, wide and virtual networks, everyone simply connects to the system online. This saves a great deal of money while making the viewer accessible to all physicians as needed, simultaneously.
For more information about radiology viewers at work in multi-physician medical offices, visit web-based viewer manufacturing and distributor websites.
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