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Monday, September 23, 2013


The first reaction in women who experience sexual stimulation is produced sap mucus vagina, labia enlargement, lengthening and widening of the vagina. These changes are temporary and rarely last long after orgasm. Vaginal mucus is the result of transudation (sweating phenomenon) across the vagina, where the production will stop when sexual stimulation disappeared, eventually sap dries quickly (Budiyanto, 1997).

The hymen is usually torn at first sexual intercourse. However, sexual intercourse can also occur without causing damage to the hymen, the vaginal introitus when wide enough. Clinical study results showed that the pain usually arises at the time of the deflorasi, but bleeding arise, either from fourchet hymen or very little. The absence of bleeding suggests also that the strain has undergone vaginal introitus without any rips, or tears occur in avascular tissue (Budiyanto, 1997).

Deflorasi evidence can not always be found. Minimal found a small tear in the hymen that does not extend to the peripheral. May also be found a small tear that has healed due to the use of tampons in the vagina. In addition, the hymen can also be torn by a finger or other object (Budiyanto, 1997).

Absence of a tear in the hymen, does not mean that the woman is not going penile penetration, otherwise the rips just a sign of something blunt object into the vagina. The process of healing from a torn hymen is generally achieved within 7-10 days after penetration occurs (Knight, 1991; Idries, 1997).

During intercourse, during ejaculation, the semen will fill the vaginal canal. Position changes in women can cause semen out again and makes stain on pubic hair, perineum, upper thighs, as well as sheets or underwear. Ejaculation outside the vagina can lead to deposit semen in various parts of the body (Idries, 1997).

After ejaculation occurs, the sperm in the vagina can still move within the next 4-5 hours. Sperm that do not move are still to be found until about 24-36 hours after ejaculation. Although victims (women) have died, sperm can still be found up to 7-8 days (Idries, 1991).


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